The 12 Questions Every Climate Activist Hears (and What to Answer) / March 4, 2016

We’ve all been there.

Maybe you’re at an office holiday party and your coworkers are enjoying the eggnog a little too much. Before you know it, the questions about our climate begin.

Or maybe you’re at a family dinner and your brother-in-law asks, “But if there’s a snow storm outside, can the climate really be warming?”

No matter the situation, the questions always seem to hit the same points. That’s why Climate Reality has created their latest e-book, The 12 Questions Every Climate Activist Hears and What to Say, where they detail the most common misconceptions and arguments against the reality of man-made climate change – and simple ways to explain why they’re totally wrong.

This free e-book teaches you how to answer the most common questions every climate activist hears, including:


  • How can the Earth be getting warmer if it’s cold out today?
  • What about the “global warming pause”?
  • How can scientists predict climate change if they can’t always predict the weather?
  • How do we know it’s because of us, and not a natural cycle or the sun?
  • Is it too late to do anything? 
  • And more…

Click below to Download:


the 12 questions climate change activists hears and what to answer

As a climate activist, you already know the climate is changing and we need to do something about it. We hope this e-book provides clear, understandable answers to these confusing questions. And if you find it useful, share it with a friend! Thanks for all that you do to protect our planet”

– Your friends at Climate Reality


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