The Team

Tatiana Antonelli Abella – Founder & Managing Director

Tatiana landed in the UAE in 2005. Having studied Architecture and Urban Planning in Italy, she quickly realized that the local ‘eco environment’ was lagging behind and it made her think about how to help raise awareness among the local community: curb pollution, conserve natural resources and reduce the impact on the environment.

Her passion for Sustainability led her to found Goumbook creating the first green information resource and green directory for the MENA Region. Her commitment to the Environment blossomed into a sense of duty towards the community; today she is actively involved in the green arena and is considered one of UAE’s top Environmental Influencers.


Anjana Kumar – Partnerships & Outreach Manager

Anjana joined Goumbook in January 2017 to support its growth and expansion as a Social Enterprise. She brings to the table many years of experience having worked with organizations such as the World Wide Fund For Nature (EWS – WWF), Amnesty International and the United Nations World Food Program.

Anjana’s focus is to build on the organization’s network, managing clients and creating partnerships. She handles the relationship with new and existing sponsors, exploring new avenues, as well as managing the Volunteering Program, engaging with the local community. She is also an avid yoga & DIY enthusiast!


Florence Gillet – Corporate Communications Manager

Florence started her career in communications in 2003 in Belgium, her home country.

From Brussels to London and then Dubai since 2008, she acquired a broad knowledge of PR in the Gulf, through various agency, freelance and in-house roles for technology as well as luxury brands.

Becoming a mother sparked a mindset change that motivated Florence to invest increasingly more time supporting causes that were close to her heart such as mental health, food security and environmental issues.

Florence joined Goumbook in March 2017 and spearheads the Drop it, Re-think Plastic campaign.


Violaine Carnoy – Drop It Youth Coordinator

Violaine holds an MPhil in Development Studies (Eco&Social) and is passionate about environmental awareness and sustainable growth practices.

Long-time communications’ expert back in her home country (Brussels, Belgium), she moved with her family to Dubai in 2014 and realized the need to push for a greener and healthier environment within the UAE.
Having recently accomplished a diploma in Naturopathy (in a nutshell, taking charge of your health & well-being the natural way), Violaine has much to contribute to the goumbook campaigns.
Violaine joins Goumbook in September 2017 to launch the Drop It Youth campaign.


Nasrin Suleiman – Senior Development Coordinator, SustainableMena

Nasrin moved to the UAE from Kenya in 2012 after having worked in Turtle and Elephant Conservation since 2009, shortly after graduating with a degree in Environmental Management.

With a passion for the Environment and the desire to work for a ‘environmentally-centered’ organization, Nasrin happily joined the ‘Green Team’ in 2013, engaging in the Give A Ghaf Tree Planting Program.

Two years later, ready for a new challenge and pushed by an increased interest in Sustainability, she moves to a new project: the relaunched Green Directory, SustainableMena.


Working behind the scenes:


Sabine Bremme Que – Advisor

Working as a management consultant across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Sabine brings more than 10 years of experience in the consulting business to her role as Managing Partner at Goumbook.

Her work took her to Kuwait in 2004 and then to the UAE in 2005, joining the ‘Green Team’ in 2011 to support Goumbook’s Business Development and Strategy, with the desire to actively make a difference in the green economy of the UAE and the region, as well as becoming a better, environmentally conscious individual and role model.

Her support has been strategic and she is at the heart of what Goumbook is today.


Aurélie Cocheril – Consultant

Aurélie is an Environmental Engineer who has worked for more than 10 years in different sectors for multi-disciplined and multi-site organizations: Water Treatment, Waste management and Energy Recovery. Enriched by a master degree in Sustainable Building, Urbanism and Transport, she has been involved in many local initiatives to spread awareness about environmental protection and preservation.

Aurélie joined Goumbook in 2013 to support the awareness programs about local and regional environmental issues to gradually develop sustainable practices across the conscious communities of the UAE.


Olga Navarro – Consultant

With a Civil and Environmental Engineering Ms degree and a strong passion for the Environment, Olga has extensive experience in Water Project Management in Europe.

Her arrival to the Middle East strengthened her desire to work for green causes in order to make a difference and in 2014 she joined Goumbook to develop SustainableMena, a unique platform dedicated to promote Sustainability and Sustainable Development in the Middle East and North Africa.

Olga has been instrumental to develop and structure the Drop It, Re-think Plastic campaign that was launched in May 2016. She has since relocated to Switzerland and is now further developing Drop It to suite local schools (more to follow).


Tresa Jose – Report & Administration Officer

Tresa is a sustainability professional from India who was born and raised in the Middle East.​

She earned her Bachelors in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of technology, Madras and is a LEED AP BD+C. She is also a Pearl Qualified Professional,  a credential granted by the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council for qualified candidates who desire to work in the emirate’s sustainable development initiative. In her work, she participates in the design, construction, and auditing of pearl rating system development projects. She also prepares environmental impact assessment reports and monitors corporate compliance with regulatory requirements.

Tresa spends her spare time volunteering with local NGOs on environmental and CSR initiatives, building corporate partnerships and executing awareness events on environmental conservation. She also spends time teaching children​about sustainability and the environment; and serves on a local school green council.



May 2016 with H.H. Abdul Aziz Al Nuaimi, the Green Sheikh, at the launch of Drop It



Honors & Awards

Middle East CSR Leadership Award 2017

Goumbook was honored to be recognized by Asia’s Most Prestigious Recognition Awards program for Corporate Social Responsibility. The program rewards and honors companies for outstanding, innovative and world-class products, services, projects and programs implemented in the past or present. These projects demonstrate the company’s leadership, sincerity and on-going commitment in incorporating ethical values, compliance with legal requirements, and respect for individuals, communities and the environment in the way they do business. 


Emirates Woman Visionary Award 2016

Dedicated to providing editorial excellence, Emirates Woman delivers in-depth features looking at both global and local issues. Committed to representing the many faces and nationalities of women in the Emirates, it continually seeks to uncover and celebrate the home-grown talents of its readers.

The Emirates Woman Award presents the best visionaries, achievers, humanitarians and young talent of the year, honoring the achievements of each and every strong, empowering women at the forefront of their field.


Green Middle East Awards for Environmental Excellence 2013

The Green Middle East Awards for Environmental Excellence aim at recognizing those organizations who demonstrate leadership and innovation in sustainability in both the private and public sectors.

The Green Middle East Awards for Environmental Excellence is one of the few environmental awards schemes in the Middle East, deeming that the winners of the awards will be among the elite of the Middle East for their sustainability and environmental excellence.

The Green Media Award is dedicated to the best media network reporting on the best examples of sustainability, with special attention paid to the scope of the report, materiality issues, design and communications, interactivity, stakeholder engagement, level of disclosure, assurance credibility and transparency.


UAE’s top Environmental Influencer 2011 Grafdom

An in-depth social media study conducted by Grafdom of the UAE’s top 100 most influential corporate brands, individuals and events. The study examines their presence on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and aggregates their scores based on the number of followers or subscribers of their social media profile.


HOT100 2011 – Activists for the Environment – AHLAN

Those actively changing and shaping the community.
Be it through business or charity work they shape and change the society with selfless endeavors.


Clean Up The World– Dubai Municipality

The Clean Up the World campaign has become one of the largest environmental voluntary initiatives in the United Arab Emirates, organized by Dubai Municipality. All of the objectives of the organizers have been accomplished, and these are attributed to the combined efforts of individuals, government establishments, private companies, community organizations, and volunteer groups. Their commitment to this global movement has been remarkable and Goumbook is proud to have taken part in this commendable initiative since 2011 til now.