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Green PR Services: Green Ghazal

Green Ghazal was launched as the Middle East’s first green PR consultancy; a stand-alone agency with specialist, experienced and expert consultants working across various sectors.


We have expertise in building public awareness about the importance of green alternatives and sustainability.


Green Ghazal’s Director, Timur Tezisler, has many years experience of working on green events and programmes in the UAE and wider GCC for companies and organisations such as:  TAQA, First Energy Bank, Global Saudi Strategic Studies Institute, The Presidency of Meteorology and Environment KSA, EcoGreen Middle East and many more.


We specialise in working across sectors such as:

  • CSR programs
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Green Living: Eco-home, Food
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Waste management/Recycling
  • Water


Green Ghazal is a certified carbon neutral platform and adheres to a strict code of business ethics in line with those of our clients green business practices. We don’t believe in greenwashing as our ethos is to think of sustainability as a long-term goal to achieve a positive impact.

Green Advisory

We are your link to the Middle East Green Business World:

The Gulf region’s thriving economy offers abundant opportunities in the field of sustainability and the environment.

Goumbook connects clients with the right people to enter the region’s green economy, to form new business relationships and to establish local partnerships.

For international companies seeking to do business in the region, Goumbook navigates the landscape with local knowledge, connecting clients with the right partners.


Goumbook also helps local businesses and organizations connect with international leaders in their respective fields, helping local players extend their global reach.

Goumbook’s advisory services provide assistance and networking opportunities for business owners and managers to plan their growth and development by offering:

  • access to government programs and events
  • market intelligence
  • market development support,
  • networking and expert advice
  • access to distribution channels


Corporate Events & Exhibitions

Goumbook empowers local businesses and international corporates based in the UAE to contribute positively to the advancement of their sustainable development by engaging their management and staff in CSR activities and events, making them more aware and concerned with environmental issues.


Specific Objectives:

  • To spread the environmental message in preserving and protecting the environment
  • To increase the level of internal awareness on all local, regional and global environmental issues
  • To assist, where possible, in implementing environmental programs and projects
  • To promote positive environmental action by individuals through active participation in specific projects, campaigns and activities (see our ‘Give a Ghaf Tree Planting Programme‘campaign)
  • To promote community waste reduction and recycling schemes, both to protect the environment and to improve the community’s environmental awareness
  • To exchange information, experience and practices inviting green businesses to present their services and products
  • To mobilize the experts on various environmental issues from the public and private sectors.
‘Future Green’Annual Exhibition


The Future Green Event is meant to attract Green Businesses and Responsible Consumers from all over the UAE to participate and engage in a greener lifestyle.

The general public and the green economy entrepreneurs are invited to visit the exhibit to see all the new green and emerging green businesses and green technologies settling in the UAE and the Region every year.


Over the one-day event, attendees and visitors explore the exhibit, which always features exhibitors from different sectors: Green Awareness, Beauty & Health, Clothing and Accessories, Education, Energy & Water Efficiency, Green Living, Organic Food, Recycling and many more.


If you wish to read more or participate in the next events, please visit this page.