What is Goumbook


Goumbook is the main reference on green practices for environmentally conscious people and businesses across the UAE and the Gulf region. It is an organization aiming at raising awareness on Sustainability and Green Living: Goumbook’s desire is to create a new global community, uniting experts, organizations, businesses and consumers from the Middle East and North Africa. Goumbook is a Social Enterprise, not a charity neither an NGO.

2017 has been declared the “Year of Giving” by the UAE Government, with a special focus on strengthening social responsibility in the private sector & volunteerism. Goumbook acts as a preferred partner for businesses by supporting their CSR programs and creating a sense of responsibility in the private sector, enhancing the spirit of volunteering and encouraging specialized volunteer programs.

The Green Directory is an online information platform that helps manufacturers, retailers and consumers source products, services and materials, in order to boost the local green economy.

The ‘Give a Ghaf’ Tree Planting Program‘ is a not-for-profit initiative launched in 2010 aiming at boosting awareness on the local ecosystem, protecting fauna and flora from the dangers or desertification, mass construction, water depletion and extinction.

The ‘Drop It’ initiative was launched to unite individuals and the local business community in saying NO to plastic bottles, making an immediate positive environmental impact of reducing plastic waste and carbon footprint. It is ideal for all, including the hospitality sectors: hotels, restaurants, conference centers, offices and educational establishments.


Goumbook was born to bring attention on the region’s efforts towards a greener economy and we didn’t want to give it a name starting with ‘eco’ or ‘green’ but find something related to the local culture.

What connected the region originally better than the Bedouins? While investigating their world and looking for something particular to their lifestyle, we found out that the family traveling around the desert from Persia up to Morocco was called the ‘goum’.

The goum was a group of people who would live together according to an ethic of self-help and collective responsibility, sharing resources, reusing them all when possible and avoiding any wastage.

The root of the word “Goum” is ‘qâma’, whose original meaning is ‘get up’, ‘stand up’ and ‘stand still’. The same Arabic root continued to grow with the word ‘qâma Ala’. The bottom line remains the same, ‘rising’, but it enlarges and becomes ‘emergence’, to save threatened life.

Goum truly is “A wonderful Arabic word that should be interpreted starting from its roots and following all its developments. It contains a threefold idea of tribes and life. In fact it doesn’t indicate just a tribe, but people who stand on their own foot, a tribe that stands up for life … “(Michel Menu).

In the UAE it is often found written ‘goam’ and again holds the meaning of tribe, family.

The aim is to make all of us stand up for a green ideal and unite towards a better world, sharing facts, ideas and advice on how to live a more responsible life. Anything we can do together for the environment is a good thing for this and future generations.

Open the book, get connected and go green your way.


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