Go Green

  • Link between Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D

    Few people get enough calcium in their daily diet. Women especially are a lot more prone to osteoporosis and need to ensure that they are receiving an optimum level every day.   The recommended dose for adults is anywhere between 1000mg and 1500mg per day depending on your needs. Ask most people about the best […]

    Updated: 04 September, 2012

  • Anti-inflammatory diet and Disease prevention

    For many years now we have heard the word ‘inflammation’ thrown around frequently and used to describe many health conditions. Extensive research on the topic over the last few years has shown that ‘Silent’ Inflammation in the body is what offsets disease and the root cause of most if not all illnesses including arthritis, heart […]

    Updated: 09 August, 2012

  • The 4th R: REPAIR

    You may be good at reducing, reusing and recycling. But what do you do when something breaks? If you’re a good earth steward, the answer is: “Repair.”   It is time to start making the things we own last longer rather than simply throwing them out and replacing them. It is not as easy as […]

    Updated: 04 August, 2012

  • Eco Clean: Do it for yourself

    In the past decade, ‘Green’ cleaning products have been edging their way on to the supermarket shelves and in some cases, have started to become more popular than their non-eco counterparts. Some have been useless and been nothing more than water with some food clolouring and some have been known to work amazingly. Rather than […]

    Updated: 24 July, 2012

  • Read the labels: Fat vs Sodium and Salt

      When you are shopping in the supermarket, do you always opt for low-fat products as opposed to full-fat?There are generally 3 ingredients that food manufacturers add to give food its flavour: fat, sugar and salt.   I would say that 99% of the time, when fat is taken out, sugar and salt are added […]

    Updated: 05 July, 2012