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  • Goumbook celebrates Eid Al Fitr by giving 10,000 Ghaf trees to the local community

    Unique Eid Al Fitr initiative is part of the “Give a Ghaf” Tree Planting Program Active since 2011, “Give a Ghaf” raises awareness about the UAE National tree, the Living Desert & water conservation. All UAE land owners are invited to apply online for free trees: Ghaf trees consume very little water, enrich the soil, […]

    Updated: 19 June, 2017

  • Tiles to provide Energy to Schools!

    Since school corridors have existed, children have been told not to run down them. But a grammar school in Kent has turned the footfall of its pupils into a source of energy.   Two dozen specially designed tiles, capable of harnessing kinetic energy and putting it back into the school’s system, have been placed along […]

    Updated: 11 September, 2013

  • Dubai Sustainable City to deliver first batch of units by end of 2014

    Dubai: The first cluster of 100 villas and townhouses at the Dubai Sustainable City will be delivered by the end of 2014, the developer said on the sidelines of the International Property Show (IPS) yesterday. Construction of the villas, ranging in size from 3100 square foot to 4200 square foot, will begin in July, said […]

    Updated: 03 May, 2013

  • 2012 Solar Decathlon Europe: 6 Amazing Sun-Powered Homes

      The 2012 Solar Decathlon Europe kicks off this weekend as 19 teams of students from around the world unveiled stunning solar-powered homes in the heart of Madrid. This year’s teams combined cutting-edge eco technology and green building strategies with tremendous creativity to achieve the decathlon’s goal of creating the world’s most efficient sun-powered house. […]

    Updated: 17 September, 2012

  • The Solar Decathlon: our future homes designed by the next generation

    Every other year, some of the best and brightest college and university students form around the world come together to built amazing solar-powered home designs. The main purpose of the competition is to select the most energy efficient, sustainable and comfortable solar house, which is determined through a series of ten tests undertaken by each team. […]

    Updated: 04 September, 2012