Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Goumbook.com / December 24, 2012

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporation Top 10 tips to GREENING your way through the festive season.


The festive season is here again……exchanging of gifts, back to back parties, consumption of food: all result in excess garbage, exponential energy bills and not to mention overspending.

We thought it would be great to share some tips and examples on how to SAVE MONEY and enjoy a GREENER Christmas!!


Tip 1: Buy gifts with minimal packaging.

Eg. Give an experience as a gift: Massage, cooking class, shopping voucher, concert, sailing or surfing class.

These require minimal packaging and can be re-cycled.

Tip 2: Give home-made gifts.

Eg: Bake cookies, brownies and cakes, knit a scarf or beanie, make your own jam or chutney.

Not only is it from the heart but all ingredients and materials can be either organic or re-cycled!

Tip 3: Re-purpose packaging, Re-use wrapping paper.

Eg: Old boxes and packaging from electronic and cosmetic products make great gift boxes. Cut the edges open and turn them inside out to reveal a clean box! Re-use wrapping paper or wrap in posters to give it a quirky look. Start saving used wrapping paper for next year.

Tip 4: Use LED lighting for Christmas decorations and lighting.

Not only are LED lights 90% more energy efficient with a longer lifespan than traditional lighting but they are cool to touch reducing fire risks and perfect for kids. Keep the lights on during a minimal period of the evening and make sure you turn it off at the switch when not in use.

Tip 5: Use washable plates, cups and utensils.

Count the number of parties and BBQ’s you have attended or hosted, observe the amount of garbage accumulated and you will be shocked majority of it comes from disposable cups, plates and utensils. Bring out the traditional China plates and washable cutlery to reduce waste otherwise, purchase bio-degradable cutlery made from bamboo!

Tip 6: Use a live tree.

Although artificial trees can be re-used every year, they are manufactured with petroleum and plastic chemicals that can’t be re-cycled. Real Christmas trees are grown in farms for this purpose requiring no deforestation. Besides, the trees can then be re-cycled!

Tip 7: Buy food in bulk.

If you are hosting a party, try to buy your food and drinks in bulk to reduce serving size packaging.

Eg. Buy condiments in large containers and then pour them into serving dishes, Buy food especially meats from butchers rather than pre-packed in supermarkets, the packaging are not re-cyclable.

Tip 8: Bring your own shopping bags.

The amount of products you will purchase over the festive season may require close to 50 plastic bags. Bring your own shopping bag (preferably re-usable Bamboo bags) and say no to plastic!

Tip 9: Make your own Christmas cards or gift tags.

Eg. Get the kids around and make cards from old card board packaging, stick magazine cut outs, paint or draw their designs for a personal touch. Cut old fabric into strips and tie as ribbon for the finishing touch.

Tip 10: Give back to the community.

Lastly, after all the celebrations have a green new years resolution and give back to the community and environment.

Eg. Donate unwanted gifts to charity, start a compost bin for all unwanted food wastes, walk or catch the public transport to work and reduce your carbon footprint, otherwise grow your own veggie patch!


The Goumbook Team wishes everyone a safe and wonderful Christmas and an exciting new year!

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