Procter and Gamble: 28% of Emirati’s worry that their children will be without fresh water / March 22, 2011

P&GPress Release

A new survey

released today by Procter and Gamble (P&G) with YouGov

Siraj, has found that concerns for water shortages in the

region are higher than ever. In the UAE alone, water

consumption is 550litres daily per capita, three times the

global average, resulting in massive fears for the future of

fresh water for the next generation.
The survey has been

conducted for the launch of P&G’s ‘PRO GEN’ educational

campaign across the UAE and GCC, in collaboration with

international research company YouGov Siraj to ‘Protect Future

Generations’ by raising awareness of the tiny steps every

individual can take today to make a big difference to the

future of their own environment.

Research highlights:

· 25% of married couples with children in the UAE worry that

there will not be enough fresh available water for their

· 28% of Emiratis worry that limited natural

resources will be an issue for the next generation
· 57% of

Dubai residents take an active role in monitoring their water

consumption to use only what is necessary
· 24% of residents

across Abu Dhabi and Dubai don’t believe their personal

actions can make a difference to water consumption.

Commenting on the launch of P&G Gulf’s PRO GEN

initiative, Yassin Attas, Director of External Relations,

P&G Gulf, said, “This survey shows increasing awareness of

the issues surrounding water conservation, but there is still a

long way to go with a shocking 22% of people not believing

their actions can make a difference. I hope the exciting

P&G PRO GEN campaign will help turn that awareness into

action, whether turning off taps whilst washing up or switching

to a more environmentally friendly washing powder. The baby

steps we all make today add up to a huge difference tomorrow,

and may guarantee fresh water for our children in generations

to come.”

The educational and awareness aspect of this

initiative includes P&G supporting the implementation of

INJAZ-UAE’s Community Citizenship Programme with two pilot

workshops for students, as part of its ongoing workshop series

where students will learn skills to become good corporate

citizens. During the workshops, students will be asked to come

up with sustainable ideas that respond to pressing

environmental issues.

INJAZ-UAE works to mobilize the

private sector to help create a new generation of motivated and

professional graduates by sending corporate volunteers into

classrooms to train students in entrepreneurship, work

readiness, and financial literacy. INJAZ-UAE is an ongoing

partnership between the business community, educators and

volunteers to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a

global economy and an essential part of this is encouraging

young people to become responsible corporate citizens and

environmentally aware.

Sulaf Al-Zu’bi, CEO of INJAZ-UAE

said, “At Injaz, we know it is essential to work with business

people and corporations to educate youth on key skills and

concepts at an early age. We do this through a number of

programs with different industries and sectors. In this case,

students ought to know their important current and future roles

in environmental protection and sustainability through such


YouGov Siraj is dedicated to providing up

to date and credible research that provides an accurate

portrayal of opinion across the Middle East region, and

conducted the research released today. Jamie Wasky, Associate

Director of YouGov Siraj, added, “Sustainability is a key issue

in the region and this research shows there is an improvement

in awareness but that there is still a long way to go in

changing people’s perceptions on water and energy

conservation. The survey indicated many people still do not

believe their actions can make a difference. We look forward to

repeating the survey next year and tracking the change in

people’s attitudes.”

Yassin Attas added; “Through our

household brands from Ariel to Pampers, P&G touches the

lives of people all around the world, and we recognize our

responsibility to provide products that act to protect the

environment for generations to come. All the brands driving the

PRO GEN initiative have already changed their formulations to

reduce the amount of water and energy used, and we look forward

to working with other organizations like YouGov Siraj and


How consumers can reduce water, energy and

packaging consumption through P&G products:
· Ariel

detergent, designed specifically for front loading machines can

use 40% less water than top loading machines, and is designed

to be effective at 30 degrees instead of 40 degrees, using less

· A standard bottle of Fairy can wash up to 30,000

plates, reducing packaging requirements and saving in plastic

and fuel.
· Pampers Next Generation diapers are 20% slimmer

than previous designs, allowing for a reduction in packaging

waste and transport.
· Duracell Rechargable batteries hold

charge up to one year and can be recharged hundreds of times.

· Always is behind some of the biggest innovations in

feminine hygiene history.

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