• 10 ways to go greener at home

    Living in a hot and humid environment here in the UAE has always popped the question in my mind on how I could take the advantage of the weather and the environment to be eco-friendly. As an environmental activist, I have been in constant search of finding fascinating new ways and techniques to adapt tips […]

    Updated: 25 February, 2013

  • Cool Runnings

    Could chilled beams be the best solution for the long-term air conditioning of Middle East buildings? SAS International marketing director Andrew Jackson outlines the benefits of the technology and explains why it’s growing in potential for the region. Providing air conditioning in an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing manner is a challenge faced by […]

    Updated: 08 July, 2010

  • When Banks Go Green

    Green is no longer just the color of the dollars in our banks. Around the world, banks are going green by launching environmentally friendly initiatives and providing innovative green products.  As financial institutions playing an intermediary role in the economy through lending, banks are traditionally seen as mere profit makers- not concerned with the sustainability […]

    Updated: 18 June, 2010

  • Philips Launches Range Of Smart Consumer Products That Will Help Save Energy

    As part of its EcoVision plan, Philips launched today across the Middle East its range of energy efficient consumer lifestyle products that enable consumers to save energy. The strategy, which aims to generate 30% of Philips’ revenue through environmentally friendly products by the year 2012, highlights the company’s commitment to contributing towards a greener environment. […]

    Updated: 10 June, 2010

  • Enoc brings ‘green’ engine oils to Bahrain

    Emirates National Oil Company (Enoc) has launched two new environment-friendly fully synthetic engine oils in Bahrain, namely Protec Green 5W40 and Protec Xtreme Energy 5W30. Enoc is the first company to launch these eco-friendly and energy-efficient products in UAE as part of the government’s initiatives for introducing controls for green house gases to cap emissions. […]

    Updated: 25 May, 2010