• Climate Change is Real

    Thanks to extensive research and noticeable changes in weather and storm prevalence, it’s getting harder to turn a blind eye to the reality of climate change. Since the Industrial Age spurred the increasing usage of fossil fuels for energy production, the weather has been warming slowly. In fact, since 1880, the temperature of the earth […]

    Updated: 21 February, 2013

  • Global ‘Art’ Warming

    Global Warming. Berlin, art installation: Melting Men by Nele Azevedo. 1,000 mini ice sculptures in Berlin, highlighting the impact of climate change: a very clever and powerful way in which to get the message across. Melting Men is a series of art installations from the Minimum Monument project created by Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo. Since 2005, Azevedo […]

    Updated: 16 February, 2012

  • KAUST study reveals climate change impact on the Red Sea

    The Red Sea has experienced a sharp warming in its waters since the mid-1990s faster than the global averages, according to a recent study published in Geophysical Research Letters. The waters of the Red Sea have warmed sharply by 0.7°C since 1994, according to a recent study of satellite-derived sea surface temperatures (SST) and ground-based […]

    Updated: 19 September, 2011

  • It’s Hot but Not as Hot as It’s Going to Be

    Holy crap it’s hot. People, animals, and crops are dying. But not only is it hot, it’s hotter than it used to be. And it’s our fault. Welcome to the future of climate change. Let’s keep this simple: we know the Earth is warming up — the data are unambiguous. “The indicators show unequivocally that […]

    Updated: 24 July, 2011

  • Global Warming? ‘Better Be Safe than Sorry’ (video)

    What’s the worst that can happen? That’s the simple question the guy in this video asks. In today’s times, the environment can be a hot topic. Debates rage on, does global climate change really exist? Here is an interesting hypothesis on the environment that promises to put to an end any arguments on global warming. […]

    Updated: 10 July, 2011