• Climate Change is Real

    Thanks to extensive research and noticeable changes in weather and storm prevalence, it’s getting harder to turn a blind eye to the reality of climate change. Since the Industrial Age spurred the increasing usage of fossil fuels for energy production, the weather has been warming slowly. In fact, since 1880, the temperature of the earth […]

    Updated: 21 February, 2013

  • Green bin Laden?

    Osama bin Laden is dead, mission accomplished. And now what? The medias are over charged with any information related to him and even “green” related news return to associate the chief of terror to the fight against Global Warming and Climate Change. In 2002, Bin Laden wrote to the American people: “You have destroyed nature […]

    Updated: 04 May, 2011

  • Tensions rise at mid-point in Cancun

    After a week marked by Japan’s shocking announcement that it would leave the Kyoto Protocol, delegates will try to salvage some successes in the Cancun climate talks. The Cancun climate conference is at its half-way point, with Ministers already starting to arrive. So far there is little new to show, but there are hopes that […]

    Updated: 06 December, 2010

  • Attiyah opens first ever carbon, energy forum

    DOHA: The Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Industry, H E Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah, officially opened the first ever Doha Carbon & Energy Forum yesterday at a dinner reception at Ritz- Carlton. Attiyah said energy production, efficiency and the impact of greenhouse gases are some of the greatest challenges facing the world […]

    Updated: 09 November, 2010