• The dangers of sunscreen

    It’s that time of year again when the sun begins to shine and parents reach for the sunscreen. We are told that sunscreen will protect us from sunburn, wrinkles, and skin cancer. Yet, research now suggests that sunscreen might not do any of these things very well: instead, many of the most popular sunscreen brands […]

    Updated: 30 June, 2013

  • Bad Bites: A Case For Organic Foods

    Have you ever been amazed by the fact that the apples your bought from the supermarket 3 weeks ago still look fresh? Have you wondered why all the strawberries in the pack are so red, succulently perfect, and almost identical to their siblings? Thought about why a chicken drumstick is the size of your toddler’s […]

    Updated: 20 October, 2012

  • Eco Clean: Do it for yourself

    In the past decade, ‘Green’ cleaning products have been edging their way on to the supermarket shelves and in some cases, have started to become more popular than their non-eco counterparts. Some have been useless and been nothing more than water with some food clolouring and some have been known to work amazingly. Rather than […]

    Updated: 24 July, 2012

  • The hidden island where all the Maldives waste goes

    The Maldives are known as an unspoilt, paradise island destination for upmarket tourists but the BBC’s Simon Reeve has paid a visit to a part of the Maldives that tourists do not see – a huge island waste dump. He was accompanied by local conservationist Marie Saleem who explained how the country struggles with waste […]

    Updated: 20 May, 2012

  • Parabens: What are they?

    Parabens are a common cosmetic ingredient—and, lately, the object of much vilification. Find out what they really are and whether you should be seeking out paraben-free products You may have noticed lately that “paraben free” labels have been popping up on some beauty products at the drugstore and elsewhere. Parabens are the most widely used […]

    Updated: 30 April, 2012