• Goumbook celebrates Eid Al Fitr by giving 10,000 Ghaf trees to the local community

    Unique Eid Al Fitr initiative is part of the “Give a Ghaf” Tree Planting Program Active since 2011, “Give a Ghaf” raises awareness about the UAE National tree, the Living Desert & water conservation. All UAE land owners are invited to apply online for free trees: Ghaf trees consume very little water, enrich the soil, […]

    Updated: 19 June, 2017

  • Farm-fresh veggies, anyone?

    Daring the sweltering heat and harsh climate, farmers in Abu Dhabi are working hard under the Abu Dhabi Farmers Service Centre to contribute to the local vegetable market. In a move to avert dependency on imported vegetables and fruits, the ADFSC has been supplying different vegetables in tonnes to the local markets everyday. The locally […]

    Updated: 05 July, 2011

  • Abu Dhabi to give grants to farmers to save water

    Abu Dhabi will begin to pay grants of up to around $30,000 per year to farmers to refrain from water-intensive cultivation in the Gulf emirate, its food control authority said on Monday. The conditions tied to the disbursal of government assistance will raise the bar on farming practices in the emirate in terms of profitability […]

    Updated: 09 May, 2011

  • Farmers’ markets planned in cities across the UAE

    Weekly farmers’ markets could soon spring up in cities across the country, offering many shoppers their first chance to buy organic fruit and vegetables directly from the producers. Officials from the Ministry of Environment and Water have approached several municipalities with a view to setting up the markets, which would probably be held on Fridays. […]

    Updated: 19 September, 2010

  • ‘It’s local, it’s organic, it’s perfect’

    In the UAE desert, a small number of farmers are going green, abandoning chemicals in favour of naturally grown crops they say can’t be beat. Here is a report on the challenges of feeding a growing appetite among shoppers and chefs for local organic produce. “Sensational,” says the food consultant Yael Mejia, after biting into […]

    Updated: 04 April, 2010