• The best way to reduce your carbon footprint…

    Recycling and using public transit are all fine and good if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, but to truly make a difference you should have fewer children. That’s the conclusion of a new study in which researchers looked at 39 peer-reviewed papers, government reports, and web-based programs that assess how an individual’s lifestyle […]

    Updated: 11 July, 2017

  • Driven to despair in Australia’s outer suburbs

    In cities all over the industrial world, people are driving less. Changes to society and the structures of our cities have made jumping in the car less popular. But what does this mean for people who have no choice but to drive? In most American and Australian cities, car use has been declining since early […]

    Updated: 29 May, 2011

  • Driverless Taxis become a reality

    The streamlined white pods would not look out of place in a sci-fi movie but they could be the future of carbon-zero transport and are being pioneered in the UAE through Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City. The world’s first entirely sustainable city demands an eco-friendly method for the 50,000 people expected to live and work there […]

    Updated: 20 January, 2010