Regenerative Agriculture Venture Programme

Transformative journey to develop entrepreneurship skills in the domain of research-based regenerative agriculture solutions.

MENAT Regenerative Agriculture Venture Programme 2024


The inaugural year of MENAT Regenerative Agriculture Venture Programme has come end and what a transformative journey it has been!

The Regenerative Agriculture Venture Programme aims to empower and upskill researchers, students and entrepreneurs who are addressing fundamental agricultural challenges in the MENAT region while focusing on early-stage research and nature-based solutions integrating regenerative agriculture practices. 


waste management, food security, regenerative agriculture, global food security

Affordable Nanotech for Arid Environments

KAUST University, Saudi Arabia

Minimizing Chemical Footprint

Revolutionizing agriculture, MePhSIN, a groundbreaking nano-platform, encapsulates plant growth regulators, unlocking a new era of enhanced crop resilience, doubling wheat production by 2050, and overcoming challenges in global food security.


Katya Michelle Aguilar Perez, Valeriia Nikolaeva,

Viiktoria Zheltova, Khozama Al Mohawes

bio farming, farming and agriculture, regenerative agriculture

Cyanoboost: Transition to regenerative farming with biofertilizers

Heliopolis University, Egypt 


“Cyanoboost” is a bio-fertilizer product that enhance the whole plant growth performance, improve the extracted essential oils, and increase the diversity of the rhizospheric microbiome in medicinal plants.


Doaa Ibrahim, Eman Nour El-deen Hamed

food waste, environmental sustainability, regenerative agriculture

The Waste Lab - From Food Waste Rescue to Compost Production to Soil Building in the UAE and the Region

Individual, UAE

Organic fertilizers

The Waste Lab’s solution is to create an opportunity for every food scrap to become a solution for rather than a burden on our society and environment by combining nature-based principles, data-driven operations, local production and application of compost, and community engagement.


Lara Hussein, Ceylan Uren, Nick Little, Sara Al Darras

Programme Achievements


Registrations Received

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Validated Applications From 18 Countries From The MENA region


Academic Regional Institutions Supported the Program

43% - 57%

43% of applications were from women and 57% were from men


20 semi-finalist projects were selected by 12 expert judges

12 Mentors

30 hours of mentorship

17 Speakers

Over 20 hours of specialised workshops and subject matter talks

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Message from Sheikh Dr. Majid Al Qassimi

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