What is CSR?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the idea that organisations should operate according to principles and policies that make a positive impact on society and the environment.

Organisations lead by example to their customers, stakeholders, community and employees by adopting ethical, sustainable and responsible business practices.

A key area of CSR is employee engagement and the first step to changing mindsets is awareness.

What Goumbook can do for you!

We tailor to your needs and align with your sustainability and CSR strategies. We develop personalized environmental and social awareness and education talks, team-building activities, and in-house training for companies, organizations, and schools.

Awareness & Education

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Think Tanks & Panel Discussions

Bring together a group of experts to discuss and consider issues and solutions.
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Awareness Sessions and workshops

Presentations and group sessions on different sustainability topics including; Why Sustainability Matters and Plastic Waste.
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Climate Fresk

A 3 hour collaborative workshop allows you to understand the essential issues of climate change to take action

Awareness and participation is often the stepping stone to launching further purpose-driven ambitions, engaging employees, developing skills and capacity in a field of interest. This will also allow your organization to get up to speed on the ever-evolving and exciting space of environmental, organizational, and social sustainability.

Examples of CSR Activities & Employee Engagement


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