• “A Plastic Ocean” – free movie screening

    This month Goumbook is celebrating the first anniversary of it’s latest initiative: Drop It – Say NO to Plastic (bottles). It has been a very rewarding and passionate year: we have done many awareness sessions in corporate offices and schools, we have had many companies and individuals switching to filtered tap water in their offices […]

    Updated: 01 May, 2017

  • Hotel in Dubai is first to use large-scale composting in UAE

    Less than a year ago, the contents of the 30 plastic bins along the walls of a long, narrow room in Dubai’s Al Qasr hotel would have been of little use – nothing more than common rubbish. The fruit and vegetable peels and scraps, about 70kg every day, would have been disposed of, ending up […]

    Updated: 09 August, 2011

  • Jumeirah set free a batch of turtles to celebrate World Sea Turtle Day

    101 Hawksbill turtles were released earlier today on the shore outside the Mina A‚ÄôSalam hotel, and 101 lucky school children from around Dubai were offered the rare chance to help these plucky little turtles take their first steps back into the sea. Before their release the turtles have been kept in a large pen at […]

    Updated: 16 June, 2011