• Making more sense of UAE agriculture

    Agriculture in the UAE makes “no sense at all”, experts say, as it contributes less than 1 per cent to the economy while using more than 60 per cent of the country’s water.   Producing just a kilogram of steak requires 15,000 litres of water. Yet only 1 per cent of the world’s freshwater is […]

    Updated: 28 March, 2013

  • Middle East Water Crisis: NASA Pictures Reveal Massive Loss

    DOHA, Qatar — An amount of freshwater almost the size of the Dead Sea has been lost in parts of the Middle East due to poor management, increased demands for groundwater and the effects of a 2007 drought, according to a NASA study. The study, to be published Friday in Water Resources Research, a journal […]

    Updated: 16 February, 2013

  • Iraq’s new fight: Desertification

    Trees as far as the eye can see are the weapons one Iraqi province is using in the fight against desertification in a country where decades of conflict have exacted a terrible environmental toll. Karbala, 110 kilometers (70 miles) south of Baghdad, is best known as the site of the shrines of Imam Hussein and […]

    Updated: 16 June, 2012

  • Ground water ‘may run out in 55 years’

    Water supplies from the ground are at risk of running out within the next 55 years if the same amount is extracted each year, authorities say. And a forecast lack of rain this year further threatens the supply. “Rainfall has a lot of benefits because it recharges the aquifer system,” said Dr Mohamed Dawoud, manager […]

    Updated: 11 May, 2012

  • Agricel, soil-less crops that produce more food using less water

    New agricultural technology from Japan promises to require a tenth of the water used in conventional farming. Agricel, founded four years ago by the Japanese scientist Dr Yuichi Mori of Waseda University, grows crops without soil. Dr Mori claims it produces up to 50 per cent more food than traditional methods. The plants are watered […]

    Updated: 17 March, 2012