• UAE eco-campaign to cut water-bottle waste

    On March 22 2013 – World Water Day –┬áKarena Albers and┬áJenifer Willig launched Whole World Water (WWW), a social media campaign to get hotels, resorts, spas and restaurants to filter, bottle and sell their own water.   In exchange for a fee, the company becomes a member of WWW; for hotels this is US$1,000 per […]

    Updated: 20 May, 2013

  • 10 ways to go greener at home

    Living in a hot and humid environment here in the UAE has always popped the question in my mind on how I could take the advantage of the weather and the environment to be eco-friendly. As an environmental activist, I have been in constant search of finding fascinating new ways and techniques to adapt tips […]

    Updated: 25 February, 2013

  • Precious resource that kills millions

    Every one of these people know firsthand just how vital water is to their daily lives. The pictures, taken to mark World Water Day yesterday, are from developing countries around the world. Human beings, though, are flushing millions of tonnes of solid waste into rivers and oceans every day, poisoning marine life and spreading diseases […]

    Updated: 23 March, 2010