Driving Sustainability & Climate Change Awareness: Climate Fresk Workshop For Corporate Sustainability

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The climate Fresk workshop aims to promote climate change awareness and raise public consciousness about the issue. It is an ideal activity for individuals, teams and groups alike to participate in a deeper understanding of the systemic aspects of sustainability and climate change within a collaborative and playful workshop based on 42 informative & interactive cards.

The Climate Fresk Workshop is a great option as a corporate team building activity and is a supporting tool to corporate awareness building within corporate sustainability awareness and strategy mandate. The workshop is well suited for all participants, irrespective of where they lie on their awareness & understanding path of climate change and sustainability.

Teams of 5 to 8 participants map out decks of cards provided to them, in order to identify cause-effect relationships, between various interconnected aspects of climate change, and are guided to then draw a fresco which summarises the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (IPCC)

Climate change is often dealt within its silo independent topics: sea rises, flooding, warming climates etc., without understanding how the picture comes together as a whole. This lack of perspective is disengaging and anxiety-provoking: we are informed that there is an emergency, without understanding the ‘hows’, ‘whys’, and without providing us with an action plan. The workshop, however, allows the participants to understand the problem and to identify where and how to act in order to have the highest impact. 

The founders of the Climate Fresk French NGO started in 2018 setting a goal & milestone to reach a ‘One Million participants!’. The goal was achieved this April, and to date, June 2023, the association has reached more than 1,150,000 participants in 142 countries with more than 50,000 facilitators trained. 

Goumbook is proud to be recently appointed as a Climate Fresk Workshop facilitator and representative. We have delivered, within this year, 19 workshops to over 450 participants; our participants and clients include the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, Dubai Chambers, DP World, EGA, General Electric, Emrill, AESG, GAC, IFFCO, Bloomberg.

This workshop and corporate activity can be coupled with two additional activities that contribute to the solutions of climate adaptation and mitigation: 

1. Mangrove planting and kayaking

To contribute to the “100 million mangroves planted” pledge by the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and understand the crucial role indigenous mangroves play in tackling environmental issues. 

2. Net-Zero Masterclass

A master class focused on developing a carbon net-zero strategy for the private sector in order to allow employees and management to develop their understanding of what a carbon net-zero strategy entails, and assessing how to begin or continue on this essential decarbonisation journey. 

For more information about corporate sustainability & Climate Fresk workshop, Mangrove Planting & Net Zero Masterclass and other climate change awareness and team building suggestions, please email: ask@goumbook.com or natacha@goumbook.com.