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Atlantis Dubai joins forces with Goumbook for circularity initiatives

In a world that’s increasingly aware of the environmental challenges we face, businesses are stepping up their efforts to promote sustainable practices. Atlantis Dubai, renowned for its iconic properties, Atlantis The Palm and Atlantis The Royal, has joined hands with Goumbook for three year-long collaborations that promise to make a significant impact on both the environment and local communities in the UAE.

1. Goumbook’s “Save the Butts” campaign wins Atlantis Atlas grant again

Recognizing that sustainability is all about consistency and commitment, Atlantis Hotels has once again awarded Goumbook a grant under its Atlantis Atlas Project 1 USD Initiative for their “Save the Butts” campaign which addresses the critical yet often overlooked environmental issue of cigarette butt litter using a circular economy approach. While the first grant cycle concentrated on building awareness and removing tens of thousands of cigarette butts from beaches and public areas, this cycle’s programmatic focus lies on expanding the network of permanent collection points for cigarette butts around the city, thus preventing litter from entering the environment in the first place. Instead of harming the environment and posing a threat to wildlife, the collected cigarette butts are transformed into a sustainable construction material made entirely from waste.

2. Permanent cigarette butt collection points at two Atlantis properties

Leading by example on the expansion of the network, two Atlantis properties have established permanent collection points for cigarette butts as part of the “Save the Butts” annual commitment plan. This strategic move doesn’t just make the hotels cleaner, but also encourages guests to take part in the initiative by providing a clear and easy way for guests to dispose of cigarette butts responsibly. By doing so, Atlantis Hotels and Goumbook are not only minimizing environmental damage but also creating a culture of sustainable behaviour. This is a perfect example of how businesses can be a force for good by integrating sustainability into their daily operations.

3. Atlantis Hotels joins UNISOAP UAE campaign

In their quest to champion the circular economy, two Atlantis properties are among the first hotels in the country to join the UNISOAP UAE campaign. This initiative is focused on collecting soap waste from hotel rooms and recycling it into new soaps. These recycled soaps will then be distributed to vulnerable populations throughout the UAE, reducing landfill waste and addressing hygiene inequalities within the local community.

Commenting on the initiatives’ rationale, Kelly Timmins, Director of Marine Animals Operations and Sustainability, Atlantis Dubai, said: “Enhancing circularity while channelling support to local communities in the UAE and beyond is our commitment at Atlantis Dubai of doing business in ways that are better for people and the planet. Driven by our housekeeping teams, we are proud to partner with Goumbook and UNISOAP UAE to transform soap that would otherwise be destined for the landfill into new soap bars for disadvantaged communities and one of the biggest polluters, cigarette butts, into valuable building materials.” The strong and ongoing partnership between Goumbook and Atlantis Hotels demonstrates how the hospitality industry can integrate sustainability into their operations and embrace the principles of the circular economy to shape an environmentally responsible and socially equitable future. All of these initiatives are run locally in the UAE, aligning with our shared commitment to support the local economy and create a more sustainable future.