Community volunteers take part in cleaning up waste across Dubai’s public places

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The Dubai Municipality has led the ‘Clean up the World’ campaign which saw more than 1,200 volunteers from government and private organizations participating in the picking up of waste in various public places. The annual drive themed ‘Supporting Local Environment Action to Make a World of Difference’ gathered more than 3,000 kilograms of waste, according to the authorities.

Community volunteering campaigns have been gaining more support from various members of the community who are keen give their time and energy as part of their social responsibility. People from various walks of life engage in environmental or social activities under the supervision of the Dubai Municipality to enhance the physical environment such as cleaning public places and maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of Dubai. 


Participants are given various tasks including collecting general waste from identified sites, providing the needs in a field work as well as tools to store recyclable materials for future purposes. As part of the event, the Dubai Municipality also held workshops and seminars with private entities to raise awareness about the importance of segregating waste from the source. Other topics include the negative impact of plastic waste and how to transform these issues into an opportunity. 


The civic body also highlighted that it continues to create awareness on promoting sustainable development as well as engage community participation in environmental initiatives to ensure the cleanliness of the city and preserve the beauty of the natural environment.