EARTH DAY 2020 with Jane Goodall

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On Earth Day, April 22nd, join us and tune in for the world broadcast premiere of ‘Jane Goodall: The Hope’ on National Geographic channel and streaming on Disney+.

This new documentary moves past Jane the scientist and showcases Dr. Goodall’s life as an activist and conservationist. From her work to end invasive medical testing on chimpanzees, to establishing community-led conservation programs across the chimpanzee range, to global efforts to empower young people to improve their communities for people, other animals and the environment we share. This new documentary will leave you with hope, as well as a sense of how your support of our work is more important than ever.

Where the 2017 documentary ‘JANE’ ends, this new film begins, showcasing the progression and transformation Jane undertook from scientist to activist.

This new documentary special covers how these realizations forever altered her trajectory and moved her to create community-centered conservation programs through JGI, known as Tacare (now active in six African countries and growing across chimpanzee range) — and to improve the well-being of chimpanzees in captivity and at sanctuaries such as the Institute’s Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Republic of the Congo.

The special also covers the creation of JGI’s Roots & Shoots youth program that now has thousands of members in 60 countries all around the globe involved in hands-on projects to help people, other animals and the environment.

THE HOPE‘ will also depict her impressive mission to ignite positive change globally, causing her to travel nearly 300 days a year and to speak out on a number of major issues ranging from human rights to the climate crisis. Told through a combination of archival footage, present-day stories and on-camera interviews, ‘JANE GOODALL: THE HOPE’ is an inspirational story that explores Goodall’s vast living legacy and charts the many paths that stem from one woman’s hope for a better future.