From refilling stations to local, organic, and vegan choices, Spinneys vies to be the most sustainable supermarket in Dubai

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Integrating sustainable shopping into one’s lifestyles in Dubai has just become more convenient following the opening of Spinneys’ first sustainable concept store located in Dubai’s Layan community, next to Sustainable City. The new branch is part of the locally-owned retailer’s ‘Let’s Do Better Together’ corporate programme aimed at providing customers with a comfortable shopping experience as they pursue a more sustainable and healthy living.

One of the main highlights of the store is its ‘Refill Stop’ which allows customers to reuse and replenish their own containers, thus eliminating the unnecessary use of single-use plastic. Some of the common household items that can be bought for refill include coffee, spices, honey, pasta, pulses, snack items, as well as detergent from the Ecover brand. 

Water refilling stations serving room temperature water are also complimentary at the store while water that are chilled, sparkling, and naturally infused with botanical essence such as lemon balm and peppermint are available for a minimal cost per refill.

The store is advancing its efforts to remove unnecessary plastic where products will be sourced with recyclable packaging and recycled content where possible. It has made a firm policy of ‘no plastic bags’ at the checkout counter so customers must either bring their own reusable bags or pay 50 fils for a paper bag.

The store has a wide range of products that include organic, vegan or plant-based items, high-protein, free-range, as well as processed food with reduced fats and sugar. Customers bringing their own container and dispensers can also avail discounts at the deli counter.

Sunil Kumar, CEO, Spinneys, said it was a proud moment for Spinneys to have launched a store which enable shoppers to make sustainable choices. “We know that we have a lot of work to do to become a truly sustainable organisation, but we are proud of the positive steps we are making – and the new concept store is a testament to that. Sustainable innovation is part of who we are, and we will continue to drive such forward-thinking in the region,” he remarked.

According to Sustainability Manager Sophie Corcut, Spinneys plans to roll out the new store concept across the UAE and contribute to the efforts of the government to achieve sustainability. “As a local supermarket we have a responsibility to contribute to creating a more sustainable way of living for our community,” she commented.

Locally-grown fruits and vegetables are also widely available at the store to support local farmers as well as vegetables that are in odd shapes and sizes which they call ‘Naturally I’m Perfect’. Honeybees living in hives can also be spotted on the roof of the store as part of its efforts to promote pollination. Local selection of brands such as The Skin Concept, Namastea, The Botanist, and Kimri can also be found on the store as part of Spinneys’ efforts to promote local products in line with its ‘Incubator Programme’. 

In terms of energy consumption, the supermarket and car park has also been installed with 650 solar panels to supply electricity. The store also aims to lower its greenhouse gas emissions from the store’s refrigeration through a purposely built refrigeration system.