Goumbook’s Regenerative Agriculture Venture Programme – Top 10 Finalists

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Goumbook is thrilled to announce the Top 10 finalists of the Regenerative Agriculture Venture Programme, selected by our esteemed Judge Evaluation Committee.

The programme aims to empower and upskill researchers, students and entrepreneurs, who are addressing fundamental agricultural challenges of the MENAT region. These solutions address pressing issues such as soil health, water scarcity, natural fertilisers, climate change mitigation & adaptation, salinity, desertification, biodiversity loss, nutrition and food security.

The Top 10 Finalists will embark in a transformative learning journey within Bootcamp 2 with subject matter- lead talks & workshops, with additional mentorship 1-1 sessions. The sessions are aimed at developing entrepreneurship skills to help bridge research-based regenerative agriculture solutions in to the entrepreneurial space, and scale for impact.

Bootcamp 2 will conclude with the top 10 finalists presenting live pitches to the judging committee, who will select the top three grant winners in the programme’s inaugural year. These grants will support the scientists and entrepreneurs in scaling their research solutions develop proof of concepts.

The calibre and vast scope of research solutions received in its inaugural year, validates the need for programmes such as the Regenerative Agriculture Venture Programme, to mobilise the needed support to help research, science and nature based solutions from the MENA region, tackle systemic challenges across food systems, food security & climate change.

Congratulations to Goumbook’s Regenerative Agriculture Venture Programme Top 10 Finalists!

Discover the Top 10 Finalists solutions HERE

With thanks to all our Knowledge & Impact Partners, Judges, Mentors, Applicants.

The Regenerative Agriculture Venture Programme is an initiative by Goumbook, in partnership with HSBC & Saudi Awwal Bank (SAB), supported by the European Institute of Technology Food (EIT Food). 

Stay tuned for more on their groundbreaking solutions shaping a regenerative future.