Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid: UAE among first in the region to prioritise environmental protection

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Vice President and Ruler of Dubai says country must promote food diversity and boost local production

The UAE is among the first countries in the region to give priority to environmental protection and easing climate change by adopting green policies, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said.

The Vice President and Ruler of Dubai said the ecosystem must be protected for a sustainable future.

“We must preserve our resources, reinforce biodiversity and achieve the highest levels of productivity,” Sheikh Mohammed said in a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

He said promoting food diversity and boosting local production was important to ensure food security in the post Covid-19 world.

Sheikh Mohammed said the nation must protect its natural resources to build a sustainable future for generations to come.

To achieve this goal, regional and international partnerships must be strengthened, he said.

The coronavirus pandemic is a lesson that the world is connected and all countries must work together to protect our planet, Sheikh Mohammed said.

“The green economy will be among the vital industries in the country,” he said. “Our mission is to smartly invest in our natural resources and protect the environment.”

Dr Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, presented the ministry’s strategy to ensure the country becomes self-sustainable.

Dr Al Nuaimi spoke about research, development, and technology to grow high-yielding crops that can withstand hot and dry climate conditions.

He spoke of the importance of international co-operation and use of modern technology to boost production.

“Despite the challenges faced, we are confident that utilising advanced technologies and good practices will enable us to overcome these issues and create better development opportunities,” he said.

“We conducted field visits to border ports, farms and food laboratories to understand the challenges and assess opportunities for improvements.”

Preserving biodiversity and protecting endangered species are the country’s top environment priorities.

The ministry has also launched the National Climate Change Plan to protect wildlife.

Dr Al Nuaimi said a federal draft law to help fight climate change is on the way.

Improving air quality, managing waste, recycling and generating energy from waste is a priority.

“We aim to raise the percentage of treated municipal solid waste,” Dr Al Nuaimi said.

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