The Green Week: an umbrella to promote green practices

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Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) are launching the Green Week for the 6th consecutive year: an overarching umbrella for key environmental activities and events in the region.

Green Week features programs and initiatives to raise awareness about the environment and sustainability and the need to follow a sustainable lifestyle. It also informs younger generations about the importance of rationalization of electricity and water and the conservation of natural resources; motivating them to innovate new solutions that support the transformation towards a green economy.

Under its umbrella, the 6th Green Week will host the 21st Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition. The Green Week also features the 4th Dubai Solar Show, the region’s largest solar power technology event; the 6th World Green Economy Summit; the International Desalination Association World Congress, the premier global event on desalination and advanced water treatment solutions; and the Gas and Oil Technology Showcase and Conference 2019.

The Green Week is based on a vision to promote a culture of sustainability in society, while also instilling a culture of creativity and innovation among the younger generations, who are considered by the UAE’s wise leadership as vital for anticipating and shaping the future. Green Week also focuses on developing young talents that will help shape a sustainable future for the energy sector, thereby supporting the national efforts to establish Dubai’s and the UAE’s leadership in the field of sustainable development.

DEWA organizes the Green Week annually to raise awareness and promote a culture of environmental sustainability and conservation amongst various community segments. The event will launch a ‘Center of Excellence,’ which will target universities, students and the academia, welcoming more than 150 students.