The UBUNTU Challenge, #LoveOverFear

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The #UbuntuLoveChallenge is an exciting new movement from Sharjah to the world, with a mission to triumph love over fear.

In the wake of this worldwide crisis, the movement is inviting people to reclaim the fear and chaos they feel and channel pain into powerful acts of love.

The #UbuntuLoveChallenge is a global initiative built on the core philosophy of Ubuntu with a mission to restore hope through a worldwide display of human collaboration and appreciation. It is a movement aimed at inspiring millions of people to rediscover their inner power, and mobilize their ingenuity to curb Corona Virus propagation.

This digital platform is for all: it aims at breaking the silos, ending asymmetry of information and amplifying love frequency around the planet. It is a home, hosting projects collaboration, initiatives, knowledge, know-how, inspiring stories, beautiful poems, enchanting songs and different forms of art and science shared by change makers from around the world to help each of us and all of us grow stronger together.

About Ubuntu

“I am because we are” is the core philosophy of Ubuntu. This concept originating from African ancestral knowledge celebrates our human interconnection, and reminds us of our shared destinies. Ubuntu is a calling within each of us to finally accept our Interdependence, to live with a collective state of mind, and to act from a place of care and oneness towards our human family. We are One!

To face our current complex challenges, Ubuntu invites us to act holistically upon our mind, body and souls. We are called to rethink our approach. Ubuntu offers us a deeper emotional and philosophical perspective in order to deal with the current crisis and build our common future.

Watch the video above and hear more about the challenge and its founders, H.H. Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi and Mamadou Kwidjim Toure.

Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi is a trailblazer in the global publishing scene, creating a positive impact on the world through freedom to publish, enlightenment of children, and empowerment of women. She encourages human expression through creative arts, and publishes works from different authors who push the boundaries of social conversations. She is an avid advocate of the role of books and literacy to enlighten children, and has led, through her own Kalimat Foundation for Children’s Empowerment, a number of campaigns to provide thousands of books for refugees and children affected by conflicts and hardship around the world.

Passionate about supporting entrepreneurship, she established Sheraa (Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre) in UAE in 2016 as a platform to cultivate a generation of changemakers in her community positioning it globally as a vibrant start-up hub. As part of the Ubuntu Love Challenge, Najla Al Midfa, CEO of Sheraa, announced the $1 Million Dollar Startup Solidarity Fund, in honor of the #ubuntulovechallenge.

Co Founder Mamadou Kwidjim Toure, inspired by the wisdom of his ancestors, believes that co-creating a better world is possible when diversity is nurtured and access to opportunities is evenly distributed. This philosophy was the driving force behind establishing the Africa 2.0 Foundation, a pan African civil society organization with the aim to create a sustainable vision for the transformation of Africa. Named one of the top 10 Most Influential Men in Africa by Forbes Magazine in 2014, Mamadou founded the Ubuntu Group in 2015 and built on his global network and investment savviness to launch socio-economic projects throughout the continent of Africa.

His recent venture, Ubuntu Tribe, a platform promoting shared economy through digitization of gold and other mineral resources as a means for financial inclusion and wealth redistribution received in 2019 a distinction as finalist at the African Bankers Awards. Over the past 20 years, Mamadou worked in instituons such as KPMG, BNP Paribas Investment Banking, IFC (World Bank Group) and finally General Electric as Managing Director in charge of Investments and Project Finance for Subsaharan Africa. He has worked on infrastructure, mining, agriculture technology projects exceeding a combined value of US$ 30 billion, thus creating opportunities and hope for many people in Africa. He has been at the forefront of international high finance and remains a strong proponent for digital economy as an engine for emancipation and shared wealth creation.

Mamadou is a global citizen, passionate of culture, art and avid reader of history books, he continues to advocate for a bright future for humanity through pushing the boundaries. He believes in the power of collective action to build lasting enlightenment and prosperity. Mamadou holds MSc in Finance and completed education programs at Harvard Kennedy School on « Public-Private Partnership » in 2010, and« Global Leadership and Public Policy for 21st Century » as World Economic Forum Young Global Leader in 2018

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