Think Tank: Managing your ESG reporting

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June 3rd 2022: Panel discussion powered by Emex and held at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai

A recent survey commissioned by the Communication Agency ASDA’A BCW found that a shocking two-thirds of businesses in the UAE and Saudi Arabia lack an ESG framework and that only half of companies that have an ESG framework can count on employees who actually understand it. This is evident of the region’s need for heightened awareness when it comes to ESG reporting and its associated benefits.


Our latest Think Tank titled ‘Managing your ESG reporting: Unpacking the human and data complexities of sustainability and ESG ‘ tackled deep complexities surrounding this topic, from the lack of unified reporting standards, to its definition all the way to the various frameworks influencing the ESG space.



Our Think Tank was run as part of Goumbook’s Global Goals Programme, and the event gathered a network of experts to address the overarching themes of ESG reporting from regulation and standardization to quality data collection and the measurement of impact.

Among the industry leaders featured were Daniel Gribbin – VP of Sustainability and ESG at Emex, Mohamad El Khalil – Director of Prudential Supervision at DFSA, Mariam Alqubaisi – Head of Sustainability and Business Excellence at Etihad, Adrienne Doolan – CEO of Green Touches and Board Member of UN Global Compact Network UAE, and Ashraf Abdelkhalek – Sustainability, Health and Safety Leader for Gulf Countries at Schneider Electric.

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