Trees Matter Initiative Expanded To New Location and New Species

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Now planting in Saudi Arabia

With the Trees Matter initiative Goumbook is expanding its planting program beyond the UAE. For the first time we now offer corporate clients the opportunity to contribute to global reforestation and carbon offset efforts, in line with regional and global pledges to plant massive amounts of trees over the coming years. Recently, Saudi Arabia has announced plans to plant 10 billion trees in the kingdom to tackle climate change and reduce carbon emissions through an initiative launched by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. Goumbook has partnered with an expert tree planting organization in KSA to plant various indigenous tree species in a sustainable way, with a view to supporting the Saudi Green Initiative and contributing to environmental restoration, reduction of pollution and mitigation of climate change. Several indigenous species such as Ghaf, Sidr, Acacia, and more can be planted in cooperation with local authorities through our local partner.

For companies with operations both in the UAE and in KSA we offer tailor-made packages combining symbolic planting ceremonies with plantings of larger amounts in different locations, both with employee engagement or on behalf of the organization depending on their preference.

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Now planting mangroves

The Goumbook team has been on a site visit to Abu Dhabi, inspecting a coastal area heavily impacted by construction work. The swamps, which used to be natural mangrove forests, need to be repaired from the impact of toxic construction waste and the severe environmental degradation caused by human activity in the area over the past decade. Restoring the estuary spanning roughly 150.000m2 by planting coastal species such as mangroves and salt marsh would allow the coastline to recover, wildlife to return to the area, and ultimately aim for the site being turned into a natural reserve to foster environmental and educational activities.

Mangroves, which are rapidly disappearing globally due to coastal development, pollution, land-use conversion, and natural disasters, can grow even under harsh conditions like extreme salinity, high temperatures and anaerobic soil, making them perfectly adapted to the coastal intertropical zones of the UAE. Besides stabilizing coastlines, depolluting water and serving as biodiversity hotspots, mangroves also have an excellent carbon sequestration potential storing CO2 both in the biomass above and below the ground, which is why Goumbook is confident that offering mangroves as part of the Trees Matter initiative both locally as well as abroad will be a popular option for corporates looking to reforest and offset with an environmental as well as socio-economic impact.

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