All trees planted with Goumbook count towards the UN Trillion Tree Campaign

You are currently viewing All trees planted with Goumbook count towards the UN Trillion Tree Campaign

Ecosystem restoration is critical not only for the health of our planet but also for the future of humanity. This World Environment Day, the UN launched the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021 – 2030).

With the new UN Decade kicking off, we are proud to be part of it through the Trillion Tree Campaign to which Goumbook, as the Campaign’s only partner in the UAE, contributes through its local and international planting initiatives. Initially focusing its collaborative efforts on the UAE’s indigenous Ghaf tree for its perfect adaptation to the local environment as well as its key role in the ecosystem and its heritage value, Goumbook has recently expanded its planting program to include mangroves and other species with options locally and abroad. All trees planted with Goumbook will count towards the One Trillion Tree objective.

As part of the Restoration Decade launch, we will start using the TreeMapper App – a tool to bring science, transparency, and on-the-ground efforts together.

There are different science-based approaches addressing the question of how best to plant trees.  Realities on the ground are sometimes a different story, especially when operating in marginal environments such as the UAE. The monitoring and reporting tool “TreeMapper” is a gamechanger when it comes to working to increase the quality of reforestation.

TreeMapper will be an important support to Goumbook planting programs: it will facilitate transparency in global reforestation and enable projects to provide straight-forward, high-level reporting free of additional cost for our clients.

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