‘Down to Earth’, A Green Celebration At Jameel Arts Centre

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Jameel Arts Centre, an independent institution devoted to displaying contemporary art in Dubai, recently held a one-day only event that celebrated all things green for gardeners and the eco-conscious community in UAE. ‘Down to Earth’ was a physically distanced and free event that featured several entertaining and educating activities open to all, but with limited capacity, and took place outdoors in the Jameel’s gardens and Sculpture Park. 

The event included workshops, demos, and information stalls for all ages covering topics like garden-growing, potting, composting, flower arranging, forest-making, and more. A carefully curated green bazaar featured insights and secrets of living sustainably and growing, nurturing, and accessorizing different indoor and outdoor gardens. Participants received eco-conscious and sustainability-aware related gifts and products, too.  There were scheduled talks and guided tours by regional specialists and expert hobbyists on sustainability, self-sufficiency, and gardening. Storytelling experience, giveaways, and games were enjoyed by children and adults. Food vendors who offered snacks and refreshments were also present at the said event as well as picnic areas across Jaddaf Waterfront Sculpture Park. 

Goumbook’s founder and managing director, Tatiana Antonelli Abella, participated through a small talk that discussed the significance of indigenous plants like Ghaf Tree, a drought-tolerant, evergreen tree which is, possibly, the sturdiest plant of the harsh desert environment, and raised awareness about the tree and its values to reach and inspire to people make a change by planting indigenous trees and save water. A segment called Grow & Tell, the country’s first live forum for star gardeners, showcased UAE’s best gardens wherein eight gardeners were selected and displayed their gardens, gave insights, tips, and tricks about garden care.

The successful gathering occurred last December 12. This first-of-its-kind event gained an incredible reaction from the green community and we are hoping to see more like this in the future.