Dubai unveils world’s largest 3D printed two-storey building

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Warsan building offers a glimpse into the future of city construction

Dubai is laying down foundations for the future of its construction industry – after unveiling the largest 3D printed building on the planet.

After a year of testing to ensure the project in Warsan meets strict building standards, the emirate’s latest hi-tech development went on public display on Wednesday.

Dubai Municipality said the building was now entered into the Guinness Book of World Records as the first two-storey printed building.

Officials said 3D printing techniques would transform how the construction sector operates.

“This project is a major turning point in the construction sector,” said Dawoud Al Hajri, Dubai Municipality director general. “3D printing technologies in construction will increase the speed of execution and [lead to the] completion of buildings in record time.

“This will reduce construction costs and contribute to the development of solutions to demographic challenges by reducing the number of construction workers.”

Standing 9.5 metres tall and with a total area of 640 square metres, it has been built using onsite 3D printing equipment with local components.

The process works by layering a fluid material along a predetermined route mapped out by computer, similar to an inkjet printer. Those mineral-infused fluids solidify into concrete ­almost instantly to convert the digital model into a three-dimensional object.


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