Goumbook Launches A “Refill and Refuse Single-use Plastic” Campaign In UAE

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Goumbook partners with UK NGO City For Sea and kick-starts the Refill Revolution at the Dubai Design Week Marketplace.

Last weekend Goumbook launched the nation-wide “Refill Champions” youth ambassadorship program, raising awareness on issues related to bottled drinking water in the region compared to a simple, fun way to stay hydrated, be active, and prevent plastic pollution at source.

The concept of sustainability has gained importance in the design community in recent years. Those in the creative disciplines are thinking beyond conceptual ideas and aspirations of greener, more eco-friendly products and are now actively seeking out ways to include concepts of circularity into the design process, the final creations, and their end-of-life options. Sustainable design is the approach of creating products and services that have considered the environmental, social, and economic impacts from the initial phase through to the end-of-life.

At Goumbook we have always had sustainability at the core of our operations, and we work towards circularity with every single one of our campaigns and stakeholders. That is why we’re extremely excited to partner with d3 and have our very own Goumbook booth at the Dubai Design Week Marketplace, showcasing an easy and fun solution to tackle single-use plastic pollution in everyday life.

Refill is a global movement working on different continents. Goumbook partnered with the UK-based organization City to Sea to bring the campaign to the UAE. The free Refill App, which will be launched in the UAE shortly, enables residents and visitors to find so-called “Refill Points” when they are out and about – allowing them to fill up their reusable bottles with filtered tap water on the go instead of purchasing water in plastic containers.

The Refill campaign not only educates about the harmful effects of single-use plastic on our health and the environment but also introduces a remarkably simple, yet practical solution to a complex issue based on circularity. By introducing this campaign at the very spot that represents the heart of Dubai’s design community, we are reminded of the fact that creating sustainable solutions starts with the designers and developers who conceptualize the idea and that we all are capable of innovating creative ways to solve challenges in ways that benefit not only us but our communities and our planet as well.