Indoor Air Quality new Initiative: Goumbook’s Take a Breath in partnership with Sanofi

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Improving Indoor Air Quality in the UAE

Air quality is a national priority for the UAE, given the direct and indirect implications it can have on health, the economy, and the environment. Take a Breath was designed to  align with the UAE National Air Quality Agenda 2031. This Agenda provides a general framework for aligning government entities and the private sector to maintain air quality and reduce air pollution. Improving indoor air quality and reducing human health risks due to exposure to indoor air pollution is identified as one of the four strategic objectives of the agenda.

Air quality also poses a global challenge. According to the United Nations, air pollution is the single greatest environmental threat to health in the world, with approximately 7 million people dying from air pollution annually. In 2022, the United Nations recognised that access to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment is a human right, highlighting clean air as a prerequisite for human health and wellbeing.

As part of Take a Breath, an in-depth study is being conducted in 41 primary years classrooms across 10 schools in Dubai, UAE. The concentrations of key air quality indicators within the classrooms are measured, monitoring air quality variation characteristics before and after implementation of remedial solutions. The study will create benchmarks and inform best practices. It hopes to serve as the foundation for the UAE’s broader mission to make indoor air quality a priority.

The baseline results from the study illustrated that all schools had fine inhalable particles (PM2.5) above limit levels associated with the WELL Building Standard. It also found that 70% of schools in the study had total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) – airborne chemicals- above these limit levels.

Solution implementation in the classrooms resulted in significant improvement in air quality. When cleaning products were changed to natural ones, TVOC levels improved by 33%. Installing an air purifier improved PM2.5 levels by 10.4%. More

solutions are being tested across the school this academic year, and the final results will be announced in a white paper in fall of 2024.

The initiative invites all sectors to contribute to creating a healthier, and sustainable living environment by joining Take a Breath.


UAE National Air Quality Agenda 2031 PDF