Takween: Empowering Emirati Youth With Sustainable Development Goals

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Goumbook partnership forTakween: Empowering the Emirati Youth for Sustainable Living

In October 2023, The Emirates Schools Establishment and Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation launched the “Takween” National Program in partnership with Goumbook.

This initiative aims to develop the cognitive and skill capabilities of 5,000 cycle two and three students in public schools nationwide while providing guidance to help them achieve their future career aspirations. This will be achieved by engaging them in various after-school programs and training courses.

The first phase of the “Takween” national program has been launched at the Zayed Educational Complex, Al Mizhar. Over the next three years, it will expand by establishing several centers across the country.

Goumbook has designed and launched in November 2023 two engaging programs to educate the Emirati students on Sustainability and successfully organized the first sessions:

Sustainability Series: a series of 4 workshops with hands-on activities focusing on different Sustainable Development Goals:
– Climate Action: “the Climate Fresk”
– Water scarcity: “Give a Ghaf”
– Biodiversity: “Be(e) Conscious”
– Food Security: “Sustainable Meal Packings”

“Learn, Do, Share”: a future-proof mindset changing program
– “Learn”: Students learn about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and actively address key issues such as inequalities, pollution, climate change, circular economy, and much more.
– “Do”: They participate in meaningful activities with a mix of talks, team building, reflection times, interviews with change makers. They become active learners.
– “Share”: Students are empowered to share their learnings and to inspire sustainable living practices in their schools and their communities, becoming Youth Ambassadors with the unique guidance of Goumbook.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Sonia Ben Jaafar, CEO of the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation said, “Our collaboration with the Emirates Schools Establishment in the ‘Takween’ program reflects our commitment to nurturing the ambitions of future generations. Through this program, we aim to provide a robust platform for students to continue learning, and excelling in a non-traditional academic environment.”

She added that, since the program is part of social responsibility, efforts will be coordinated between the education sectors, government entities, and entrepreneurs to ensure participation in the program, which aims to enhance students’ capabilities and equip them with the skills and competencies they need for the future.

Goumbook, as the leading life-long learning Sustainability platform in the UAE, is proud to contribute to these objectives and equip the Emirati Youth with sustainability skills and mindset.