JUNE 10, 2024


MENA Oceans Summit 2024

June 10, Dubai, UAE


About The Summit

MENA Oceans Summit is the flagship convening under the MENA Oceans Initiative, dedicated to accelerating the pace of comprehensive ocean action to restore ocean ecosystems, tackle climate change and ensure sustainable development of blue economies through a collaborative, cross-sectoral framework.

Culminating World Environment Day and World Oceans Week celebrations throughout the region, and important global events – the Summit engages under four key streams – Blue Economy, Blue Governance, Blue Science and Blue Collective.

The inaugural MENA Oceans Summit in 2023, held under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment in Dubai, UAE, hosted over 550 people from different stakeholder groups including policy makers, private sector, academia and researchers, community organizations and NGOs.

Summit Key Pillars

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Blue Economy

Billions of people depend on healthy oceans for their livelihoods, food security, health, and recreation. Under the Blue Economy stream, the focus lies on developing sustainable pathways for integrated development of sustainable ocean sectors, while prioritizing ocean health and marine resources management. This includes innovative Blue Finance schemes and strategies for mitigating the effects of unsustainable practices.
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Blue Governance

Policy and marine governance play a key role in fostering accountability amongst countries to ensure successful multilateral partnerships. This stream brings together leaders to discuss strengthening governance for an ocean conservation plan within and beyond national jurisdictions; promoting and facilitating joint scientific research; and establishing strict frameworks for blue economies.
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Blue Science

Advancing research and scientific innovations helps tackle the impact of climate change and anthropogenic activities on marine and coastal ecosystems. Under the Research and Science stream we discuss key challenges like biodiversity loss, climate change, ocean plastic pollution, dead zones, and food insecurity as well as the outcomes of evidence-based innovative projects to address them.
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Blue Collective

Engaging youth and communities through impact-driven awareness and educational sessions will prompt collective clean ocean action for ocean health. Take part in a curated masterclass, expand your knowledge by attending a Climate Fresk workshop – a gamified way to uncover the challenges, interlinkages, and solutions related to climate change -, or join us for a movie screening and a fireside chat with an inspiring clean oceans advocate!

Summit Key Features

Who Will Attend

  • Global development, intergovernmental organizations, ocean governance experts
  • Industry leaders from the blue economy (maritime and shipping, tourism, aquaculture, construction, marine sports and more)
  • Government, regulators and policy makers
  • Research and academia
  • NGO’s, civil society and media
  • Technology and innovation fore-runners in ocean science

MENA Oceans Summit 2023

Under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Climate Change & Environment and in partnership with the Race to Zero and Race to Resilience Campaigns of the UN High-Level Climate Champions Team, Emirates Diving Association, and Hilton Dubai Palm Jumeirah.



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