A New Sustainable Urban Development Plan Envisioned for Dubai 2040

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Photo from Gulf News

A people-centric city with 60% natural reserves envisioned for Dubai by 2040 under new sustainable urban development plan

His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has launched the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, a comprehensive sustainable urban development plan that is set to make Dubai the world’s most desired city to live in. 

With ambitious plans such as increased green spaces and natural reserves to comprise 60 per cent of the emirate, sustainable mobility, and people-centric city planning, the new mega initiative targets to make the emirate as the city known for providing the best quality of life and the highest standards of urban infrastructure and facilities.

Dubbed as #Dubai2040, the latest and the seventh urban master plan designed for the emirate since 1960 will see the upgrading of Dubai’s five major centers. According to the announcement, the key priorities within these urban areas, include improving the efficiency of using resources; developing vibrant and inclusive communities; as well as doubling the size of green and leisure areas that promote a healthy environment for residents and visitors.

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed remarked: “Our strategic development plans are focused on creating the best possible environment and infrastructure to enhance the community’s happiness and wellbeing and support the fulfilment of the greatest human aspirations for both our citizens and people from around the world.”

He emphasized that the new plan draws inspirations from leading best practices from around the world and adapting them to local needs and requirements, thus creating a unique development model designed to offer the best possible quality of life and create the conditions for sustainable prosperity.

According to the plan, rural natural areas and nature reserves will constitute 60 per cent of Dubai’s total area. Service areas, residential areas, and workplaces will be linked by several green corridors, which will facilitate the movement of pedestrians, bicycles, and other sustainable mobility choices for people to move around the city. Public beaches are also planned to increase by 400 per cent in 2040. 

Further, #Dubai2040 integrates the Hatta Development Plan, a framework which aims to develop the eastern part of the emirate as a nature tourist attraction while ensuring to protect its natural ecosystem and local culture. 

The Dubai 2040 Master Plan seeks to generate new development projects and investments to enhance existing urban centers including Deira and Bur Dubai, known as the emirate’s historic areas; Downtown and Business Bay as the business and financial districts of the city; and Dubai Marina and JBR which serve as the hospitality and leisure hub. 

The two other new centres to be promoted include Expo 2020 Centre as the economic and growth area, showcasing affordable housing and key center for exhibitions, tourism and logistics; and the Dubai Silicon Oasis Center as the science, technology, and knowledge hub to drive innovation, digital economy development, and talent generation. 

“Our goal is to create a truly inclusive environment that not only meets the needs of Dubai’s diverse population, but also inspires them to tap into their creative and innovative capacities and realise their true potential,” H.H. Sheikh Mohammed said.