• The best way to reduce your carbon footprint…

    Recycling and using public transit are all fine and good if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, but to truly make a difference you should have fewer children. That’s the conclusion of a new study in which researchers looked at 39 peer-reviewed papers, government reports, and web-based programs that assess how an individual’s lifestyle […]

    Updated: 11 July, 2017

  • Solar Cells as light as a soap bubble

    Ultrathin, flexible photovoltaic cells from MIT research could find many new uses. Imagine solar cells so thin, flexible, and lightweight that they could be placed on almost any material or surface, including your hat, shirt, or smartphone, or even on a sheet of paper or a helium balloon. Researchers at MIT have now demonstrated just […]

    Updated: 25 February, 2016

  • Energy ratings for clean, green washing machines

        New rule, to be implemented from mid-2013, will help save two billion litres of water a year.   Dubai: From mid-2013, all washing machines and dryers sold in the UAE will have to comply with a new energy ratings system formulated by the Emirates Standardisation and Metrology Authority (Esma ), Gulf News has […]

    Updated: 02 January, 2013

  • Ras al Khaimah will get smart power grid

    It is a high-wire balancing act. To modulate the flow of energy generated by a combination of solar farms, wind turbines and power plants to match a community’s demand, you need to assess economic and environmental benefits on the world’s most slippery abacus, power grids that have become more complex and less predictable. At the […]

    Updated: 17 July, 2011

  • UAE Cooling the desert the wrong way

    Ali’s air conditioning quietly cools his spacious Dubai apartment around the clock and all year round, even when he is away on holiday. With outside temperatures soaring toward 50 degrees in summer, he likes to come home to his chilled oasis in this skyscraper city sprouting from the desert. “When I go outside I feel […]

    Updated: 13 July, 2011