Action-packed Aventura Parks reopens with a cool night time offer

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Get ready to unleash your inner-Tarzan, with tree-climbing, rope-swinging, zip-wire and bridge-balancing activities that defy gravity. You’ll be able to visit from Thursday, July 9, and there’s a fantastic night time offer to enjoy.

Throughout July, August and September, the park will be open Thursday to Sunday, from 5pm until midnight. Explore the park at night, with unlimited water, a branded water bottle, rental gloves & rental headlight, priced at Dhs125.

100 year-old tree discovered in Abu Dhabi

100 year-old tree discovered in Abu Dhabi

Aventura resides in a natural Ghaf tree forest, with over 85 challenges that take place over 5 different levels suspended off the ground and strung between the trees. Don’t worry though, they’re not expecting Mission Impossible-style stunts, freestyle – you’ll be harnessed up throughout.

You’ll get to choose one of five different zones to explore; Rangers, Explorador, Aventura, Extreme and Thriller, which have varying levels of difficulty and thrills. How do they differ? Ranger is best for the younger ones, with low heights that parents can supervise, but when the parents want to get involved, Explorador is the perfect balance for families.

For the more adventurous types, Aventura is recommended for both children and adults, with higher challenges and three ziplines at the end. Thriller is for those who don’t mind heights, culminating in a 160-metre zipline. For the real daredevils, Extreme will push you to your limits with the highest circuit and a 25-meter Tarzan jump.

Strict hygiene measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of all Aventura’s visitors. Whether you’re visiting with friends, family or even work colleagues, it’s a super fun way to blow off some steam.

Aventura Parks, Mushrif Park, Gate 1, Dubai, Thursday to Sunday, 5pm to midnight