Engie Employees Planted 20 Trees On World Water Day

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In 2019, Engie employees planted 200 Ghaf tree seeds in celebration of the ‘Year of Tolerance’ in support of raising awareness of the great significance that the tree bears as an indigenous species and its environmental heritage. The seeds were planted during a beautiful gala dinner held at The Address Montgomerie, where all guests got the opportunity to dedicate the seed they planted to themselves or their loved ones.

This year, to mark the occasion of ‘World Water Day’, 20 of those now roughly 1 meter saplings were planted in support of Engie’s continued efforts towards biodiversity protection and afforestation in line with the UAE’s vision on the protection and restoration of its indigenous species. Three of Engie’s employees participated in planting the 20 trees and despite the heat that morning they displayed strength, commitment and devotion by working hard to make a positive impact. Some of the other trees had already been given out to be planted at other locations, greening other communities and spaces around Dubai, while others are still at the nursery waiting to be planted once they are big enough.

The dedication and long-term commitment of our valued corporate partners have contributed immensely to the success of the Give a Ghaf Planting Program over the past decade. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of this educational, cultural, and environmental initiative, we are pleased to see so many companies return for plantings: It not only shows the need and demand for such activities still exists, but is also proof of the sense of fulfilment that comes from planting and nurturing a seed, seeing it grow into a sapling that is strong enough to withstand the harsh conditions of the local environment and planting that sapling in places where it will create tangible benefits for communities and ecosystems for years to come.

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