Ep.30, Humans vs Nature, with Tanzeed Alam

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In this 30th episode of Forward Talks, ‘Humans VS Nature’, we talk to Tanzeed Alam, Managing Director at Earth Matters and ask him what is the future of this complicated relationship.

For over 15 years, Tanzeed has driven positive change with his work on Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Conservation across three continents within government, industry, businesses and communities.

Tanzeed recently led the work on a major global sustainability prize, awarded by a leader of the MENA region, helping to develop Masdar’s report on renewable energy desalination and the Government of Dubai’s Climate Change Adaptation Strategy. He also assisted the Emirates Nature-WWF with a study understanding private sector engagement with a Sustainable Blue Economy in the UAE.

Previously, Tanzeed directed the WWF Climate Change, Energy, Sustainability and Policy work in the UAE and GCC region, representing WWF at UNFCCC and IRENA conferences. He led a team to develop UAE’s Climate Change Adaptation, communications and Data MRV strategies for the National Climate Change Plan 2017-2050. He worked on studies on green economy, climate change risks, and led the team that worked with the UAE government to develop energy efficiency standards for lighting and vehicles. He also led the award winning ‘Heroes of the UAE’ awareness campaigns about climate change and sustainable living. Previously, Tanzeed was Science Policy Advisor for Energy & Climate Change at the UK’s independent scientific academy, the Royal Society, coordinating scientific reviews of the Stern Review on Economics of Climate Change, IPCC reports, studies on Sustainable Biofuels, Radioactive Waste Management and Energy Policy. He also worked with a think tank in the UK ‘Carbon Sense’, helping businesses develop strategies and plans to address climate change.


In this episode, the host refers to an article that Tanzeed shared on his LinkedIn profile, here is the link: https://goumbook.com/is-our-destruction-of-nature-responsible-for-covid-19/