Looking for an employee activity that’s fun, outdoors, and has a real positive impact? Planting trees is an awesome way for your team to give back and connect with nature.

Why should your company be planting trees? There are many reasons, but the most important one is that you and your company would show concern for the local environment by being actively engaged in greening the planet.

Planting trees as a business is not only great for the environment but is also an effective way to commit to Climate Action while engaging your employees and your brand. Trees support and provide sustainable and livable conditions for humans and animals and we ensure that the Ghaf trees that you plant provide as many benefits to the local communities as possible.

Corporate Plantings

Planting season: we usually start in October and plant until mid June.

Seed Planting

Planting Ghaf seeds: this activity takes place at our nursery in Dubai in partnership with Al Barari

We plant Ghaf tree seeds: these seeds are very valuable as they cannot be purchased anywhere and we collect them in the summer months.

The event starts with an awareness session and then the team building activity starts: labeling, filling, transporting and planting!

Planting seeds means growing future Ghaf trees that will be planted in the the UAE for all the community.

Tree Planting

Planting Ghaf trees: this activity is done in different places around the UAE in partnership with municipalities and different land owners.

Before planting the trees, we start the event with an awareness session where we explain the importance of the tree and the desert ecosystem and why it’s important to plant indigenous species. Different sizes of Ghaf trees are available depending on your requirements.

Special Projects