Plant your seeds now

Plant a seed and we’ll grow a tree for you.

When you need an unexpected gift that lasts a lifetime and shows you really care about the person and the environment, tree gifts make the ideal present. Be it to celebrate the birth of a baby, a birthday, anniversary, or in memory of a loved one. It’s also an unusual and very original gift for a Wedding, Valentine’s Day, Eid , Christmas or New Year!

A tree gift helps create greener and healthier places for people to enjoy for generations to come. Ready to buy your Ghaf tree seeds?

Make it Personal

What happens when you purchase your Ghaf tree seeds?

You will receive and email within 24h (48H if you purchase during the weekend) and we’ll be asking you a few questions:

  • Do you wish to receive a certificate?
  • Do you wish to dedicate the seed(s) to someone and add a personal message to the certificate?
  • Would you like to join our next Community Planting Day (which takes place once a year) and plant the seed(s) yourself?

All Certificates are issued via email to avoid printing and save trees.

Community Planning

Every year we invite members of the community and individuals who have purchased trees with us to join us for our community planting event.

The aim of our community planting days is to improve our natural environment. Planting natives helps to fight weeds, minimise erosion, and provide habitat and food for native birds and other wildlife.

They are great family events and a fantastic opportunity to meet other people in your community and make a lasting difference. By forming a vast nationwide tree-planting movement that everyone can join, we work alongside each other to create a greener UAE.

Please send us an email at to stay updated on the date of our next community planting event.



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