Refill UAE: A Guide To Refilling Your Reusable Bottles Safely

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Staying safe staying hydrated!

Last month, over 100 scientists released a statement confirming that single-use plastic is no safer than any other material and reusables are perfectly safe to use during COVID-19, provided they are cleaned properly. This means it’s safe for both Refill Station staff and the public to use and accept reusable bottles, cups and containers providing standard government food safety advice for health and hygiene is followed.

Working with our partners City To Sea, wee are happy to share guidance for Refill Stations on safely accepting reusable bottles for drinking water refills. Following these super-simple steps you, your staff and your customers will be able to continue to power the #RefillRevolution. And prevent millions of single-use plastic bottles from entering our waste stream, or worse, ending up in our oceans.

We hope this guidance helps you to go forth and Refill safely! If you’re not already signed up as Refill station, you can download the free app, put your tap on the map and get Refilling.

Check list for Refill stations:

Many drinking water systems may have been left stagnant due to premises either being closed or with reduced staff during the recent period of restrictions. Refill Stations reopening after a break should consult the supplier of their filters for guidance on recovering drinking water supplies after prolonged inactivity. Stations should also follow local regulation for the F&B sector.

The following steps can be taken to minimise risk when interacting with the public (e.g. when selling food or drinks) by:

  • minimising contact
  • creating physical screens
  • cleaning the workplace
  • providing site guidance on social distancing and hygiene etc.
  • Providing the above is followed, it’s safe for Refill Stations to continue to offer free drinking water refills to their customers. Hooray!

Whilst contactless options are preferable – as this means a reduced risk of contamination from surface contact – barriers, hand-washing and increased cleaning can all be effectively utilised to minimise the risks to these methods of offering water refills.