Children are the future leaders of the world, and we want them to grow with the foundations that will make them care about the world they and future generations live in.

Educators have a vital role to play in inspiring children to fight against marine litter, to teach them how the environment gets polluted, and equip them with the mindset and tools to stop this from happening.

Beach clean-ups have been proven to be a great outdoors activity for kids with multiple benefits, such as:

  • Doing good feels good: It brings a sense of achievement and enrichment 
  • Learning outside the classroom: Develops their creativity and imagination
  • Real-world context: Exposing kids to plastic pollution while working against it
  • Engagement and behavior improve while learning how their actions have impact  on the world

Save The Butts is an authentic, hands-on and interactive campaign that will teach children the value of their impact and develop a sense of belonging to their local community.  

You will receive the following:

  • 1 awareness session
  • Reusable gloves 
  • Cigarette butts collection
  • Participation certificate for students
  • Data entry on Ocean Conservancy database on your behalf
  • Activity impact report
  • Short video of the event
  • Price: 50 AED per student. Minimum 50 students 

Join Save The Butts by following these simple steps:

How to participate:

If you wish to participate in Save The Butts,  please get in touch with us at and we will share all the information with you.