Teamwork is a highly-valued skill to have in your team, and gathering your employees together in an outdoor environment while doing good is a great way to develop it.

Urban and coastal cleanups facilitate social interactions outside the workplace and present great team-building opportunities for you and your employees.

Keeping Dubai and the UAE clean as a business is not only great for the environment but is also an effective way to  commit to Climate Action while engaging your employees and your brand. The city, beaches and the parks support and provide sustainable and livable conditions for humans and animals, and we ensure that the cigarette butts that you collect will become recycled and converted into a reusable material. All data collected from the clean-ups is logged into the  Ocean Conservancy database to help inform and create long-term solutions to the global ocean pollution crisis. Through being part of this very important process, we are helping to change the behaviours and practices that create debris.

A collective clean-up is the perfect outdoors activity where employees engage socially, build up strong relationships, and learn teamwork skills, while learning how to become responsible citizens and advocates for a sustainable future.

One of the major benefits of organizing clean-ups is that it brings people face-to-face with the reality of plastic pollution. After all, cigarette butts are comprised of 95% plastic, making them big plastic polluters.

Exposing people to this reality, while raising awareness on plastic pollution and the litter displayed in the UAE public spaces, improves behavioral changes.

Get your team together down to the beach or any place in the UAE and build a company culture where your employees find a sense of belonging.

You will receive the following:

  • 1 awareness session
  • Reusable gloves
  • Cigarette butts collection
  • Activity impact report
  • Short video of the event
  • Data entry on Ocean Conservancy database on your behalf
  • Price: 5,000 AED for up to 20 people. 200 AED pp extra above 20 people.

How to participate:

If you wish to participate in Save The Butts,  please get in touch with us at and we will share all the information with you.