When you become an active advocate with one company/ property, you will benefit from the following:

  • Handbook: What to do in the  properties, toolkit of the campaign 
  • Marketing toolkit: data CB, messaging, visuals, collateral comms, etc
  • Calendar of event: 
    • 1 general clean up on the 4th feb for free with all the Save The Butts members, up to 10 people plus awareness session
  • Gadgets: reusable gloves for the cleanup (max 20 pairs of gloves) 
  • Reports: 
    • 1 dedicated yearly report with their specific impact on the form of an infographic easy to share on SM
    • 1 Save The Butts campaign report released Dec 2022 
  • Comms: 
    • 1 officially welcome on Goumbook newsletter (explaining how they will participate) reaching 3000 plus people
    • their logo in the landing page
    • 1 video made by Goumbook during the general clean up
    • 1 SM post (one per clean up).
  • Price: First year 8,000 AED. Second year onwards: 6,000 AED including 1 free cleanup

*Collection details to be confirmed 

How to participate:

If you wish to participate in Save The Butts,  please get in touch with us at ask@goumbook.com and we will share all the information with you.