• The Cost of Meat – infographic

    Eating meat is expensive, but the cost isn’t limited to the price you pay at the store. Did you know that eating meat also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, soil erosion and water overuse? And surprisingly, turning vegetarian won’t eliminate these effects — if you still eat cheese, that is. Read on to learn more […]

    Updated: 21 February, 2016

  • How Dubai has changed over the summer! a blog about Ghaf trees

    How Dubai has changed over the summer! We ‘only’ left for 6 weeks this year and still!   This year my biggest surprise is of course the GHAF TREE! After spending over a year talking, working, discussing, caring for and about this tree, it is constantly on my radar. Wherever I go in the Emirates […]

    Updated: 09 September, 2013

  • UAE eco-campaign to cut water-bottle waste

    On March 22 2013 – World Water Day – Karena Albers and Jenifer Willig launched Whole World Water (WWW), a social media campaign to get hotels, resorts, spas and restaurants to filter, bottle and sell their own water.   In exchange for a fee, the company becomes a member of WWW; for hotels this is US$1,000 per […]

    Updated: 20 May, 2013

  • Making more sense of UAE agriculture

    Agriculture in the UAE makes “no sense at all”, experts say, as it contributes less than 1 per cent to the economy while using more than 60 per cent of the country’s water.   Producing just a kilogram of steak requires 15,000 litres of water. Yet only 1 per cent of the world’s freshwater is […]

    Updated: 28 March, 2013


      In the UAE, one of the driest countries on the planet, CNN’s Leone Lakhani stumbles upon a rare lake which recently sprouted up in the middle of the desert. Experts say it formed as a side-effect of increased desalination usage in the Gulf, a process which provides a heavy flow of water at a […]

    Updated: 18 March, 2013