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  • Plastic Bags charges, taxes and bans – List by Countries

    An island the size of Texas is forming in the Central Pacific Ocean……an island made entirely of discarded plastic debris. Cities and countries are taking action against the scourge of plastic bags. Below are just some of the countries with bans or charges already in place or pending. This is in no way a complete list however […]

    Updated: 04 June, 2017

  • Campaign against plastic bags ends in Al Ain

      Fight against serious environment pollutants to continue   Al Ain: Al Ain Municipality has distributed 300,000 eco-friendly shopping bags in a month-long campaign encouraging residents to help get rid of plastic bags considered most damaging to the environment. The eco-friendly biodegradable bags were distributed through 17 branches of the Al Ain Co-operative Society across […]

    Updated: 07 November, 2012

  • The BAG MONSTER CAMPAIGN against plastic bags

    Self-appointed cosmetics grocer LUSH is the ultimate beauty delicatessen selling natural handmade cosmetics that smell like heaven – and it’s now available in Dubai! A-listers love this brand and Ahlan reveals that Angelina Jolie buys Ocean Salt cleanser and scrub that Halle Berry is a self-confessed fan of Dream Cream body moisturiser; and that Kylie […]

    Updated: 06 March, 2012

  • EAD and Partners to Phase Out Plastic Bags

    Following the success of the launch of its ‘Make UAE Plastic-Bag Free’ campaign, the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) is again working with its partners this Ramadan to raise awareness of the harmful effects of plastic bags and to encourage people to use reusable bags instead. This weekend, major retailers – Carrefour, Abu Dhabi […]

    Updated: 19 August, 2011

  • Finally, a purpose for plastic bags

    Plastic bags could be converted into fuel if a Masdar Institute researcher’s proposal becomes a reality. Rana Qudaih, a Palestinian who was born and raised in Abu Dhabi, said she was developing methods of reducing plastic waste. Through thermal chemical conversion, allowing nitrogen to decompose at high temperatures and pressure in the absence of oxygen, […]

    Updated: 02 June, 2011